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We will continue to update this page with candidate and party platform information as it becomes available. Voter registration forms are available at your public library and at your town hall! Register to vote today!

On November 6th our country will elect our next president. The right to vote is a privilege not enjoyed in many countries, so everyone ages 18 and over should take advantage of this great opportunity to help choose the person who will serve as our leader for the next four years.

Whatever your political leanings, sorting out the "real" facts is almost impossible given the plethora of negative advertising, misrepresentation of facts, media interpretation of events, and personal agendas that bombard us every day. Before you cast your vote, be sure that you understand the platforms of the major political parties and that you have a true picture of what each candidate represents and where they stand on the issues that are important to you and your family. Be an informed voter! The links below should help you to make your decision on who you want to be our next president.

Project Vote Smart

Democratic Party
2012 Democratic Party Platform
Barack Obama/Joseph Biden

Republican Party
2012 Republican Party Platform
Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan

Updated 9-17-2012