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Windsor Locks Information


Windsor Locks Historical Society

58 West Street
Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Birth, death, and marriage records from 1854 through the present are kept in the Windsor Locks Town Clerk’s office.

Windsor Locks Town Clerk's Office
Windsor Locks Town Hall
50 Church Street
Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Records prior to 1854 are kept in Windsor (Windsor Locks was originally a part of Windsor), but some 19th century births may never have been registered.

Windsor Town Clerk's Office
Windsor Town Hall
275 Broad Street
Windsor, CT 06095


Connecticut Information

CT State Library

In Connecticut only certified copies of Birth, Death, and Marriage records can be issued. No uncertified records are available.

Birth records less than 100 years old may only be issued to:

Parents, children, grandparents, or spouses or
Members of genealogical societies incorporated to do business in CT

Death records may be obtained as long as the exact date of death is known. No Social Security numbers are included on issued death certificates.

Church baptismal records are also an excellent source of genealogical information. Requirements differ for every church, but in general, the seeker must supply most churches with a full name and year of birth in order to obtain baptismal information (which would include parents’ names). For death records the church may be able to supply an exact date, but no other significant genealogical information is recorded.

Information in Other States

Please contact your state’s Department of Vital Statistics for records information on genealogical resources in other towns or states. Contact information for all states is available at National Center for Health Statistics.

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